sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

Desgermen revolution

A Minor Introduction.
(Desgermen Revolution)

It was it that stood there, behind the silver blinds of the bathroom window. It was it. There. Announcing it-self and authorizing its existence with every metallic knock. Shaped only as the mere shadow of a young man, bowl-cut hair, slender figure. Insistently there with no message but his name; no means and no end. Was it only there to “be”?

It has been there forever since that day. And it will always be, for centuries and centuries (por los siglos de los siglos, amen!)

It came to this plain via dreams. It used my neurons as a phone; it bathed itself in dimethyltryptamine tubs. It was knocking on my pineal gland.

And from its world of black and grays, it couldn’t grasp the existence of such a thing as colors. It came to haunt me, but I was never scared. It came to introduce it-self. It was successful.

I now, introduce you, to it.


A paradigm shift in your brain,

A faceless figure in the terrace.

An anti-bacterial brain bath.

It wants to knock on every bathroom window; it wants to feel its knuckles on your metal blinds.

Today it has been released, unto thyself.

Close your bathroom windows…

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