martes, 27 de julio de 2010

The New Earth - Slutty Chimps.

The big eye in the sky has looked and seen 140 new planets. 140 new Earths. Now we can let this one die in peace, at last. Now we can dr
ess ourselves in black, mourning and dive into the Gulf, taste the crude water. From this moment on, this planet has become dispensable, like a water bottle. The search for the new Earth has begun. A monkey will arrive there first and be greeted by the new life. New Earth will inherit our sins. New Earth will soon be burning too. Now I wonder how that monkey got AIDS in the first place... promiscuous primate. I wonder why he didn't use protection.

I wonder too much...Re-thinking things that have already been re-thought makes for too many doubts in one single brain. Re-thinking makes for night terrors. Re-thinking makes for panic attacks. Re-thinking makes for hypochondria and medications and psychologists and night sweats. Re-thinking is a waste of time yet it's the best hobby. Time-wasting is a great way to pass the time.

Monkeys should had worn condoms... lazy chimps. Slutty primates are not to be eaten or had as lovers. 140 Earths have been found
and still we know nothing about this magical place. We are strangers in this land, maybe 2.0 will have a greater rate of success. The New Earth shall inherit us... I pity it.

( Click this link for more information about the many new planets in this vast and amazing universe)

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