martes, 11 de agosto de 2009

Parallel universes

That (sort of greenish) spot that is almost impossible to decipher in the midst of possibly the most entangled map of the different metro tracks… is you.

You (and I and all of us that have subscribed to this massive information web we call the “internet”) are right there in the middle, very easily forgotten and lost. The chaos that surrounds You is the non-material dimension we loose hours and hours and days and relationships and lovers and marriages and friends and jobs and minds to. Oh cyberspace, we’re not worthy!

This entangled metro line is a diagram of the major web places we visit, and this is from two years ago! (Imagine the space Facebook and Twitter have gained, now that they are the new web-trend) We live in a world we have forgotten and yet we barely understand and have created a new one. This is our new space with no final frontier, where everything and everyone is possible, our surrogate societal uterus. It’s truly overwhelming to see this pixel conglomerate and not be astounded. It’s almost beautiful; the complexity of it all and how it somehow seems to work and exist like it’s non-existent.

We have created a world. We must use it wisely, unlike the one we inherited.

* I’ve started my master’s degree on Journalism today. This picture was shown to me by my professor and it blew my mind and gave me chills and jitters and all of those tingly feelings. I have decided I will study the internet until I can finally understand it. To me this other place where we live, is as or maybe even more unknown than where I stand and where I sleep. It’s like a fairytale, there IS a parallel universe and I want to understand its mechanics. This is now, one of my new goals: I will understand how it all works.

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