lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2009


TODAY. The only day that has ever existed, since it’s now and only now exists; we battle entropy. Or should we decide to run its course? Today I will drink more water, to not be taken by its current, to avoid the accident of drowning in my existence. The glass is half fool, half empty, half-and-half, half drunk. Today is the only reason to be alive. Today is God. God is today. Today is everything and nothing and all that has passed and will pass, but it doesn’t matter, because that which will or has passed, is not today. Today has five letters, the only letters you need to write the book of a thousand truths. The only sounds you’ll need to spew from the pressure of your lips and your tongue, the only explosion of sound you’ll need to create to communicate everything there is, and was and will be. Today I will think twice or not think at all. Living in the grey area is quite chaotic; my thoughts fight their way into little anxious balls of digested information. This little contraptions are like mind mines, waiting for an out-of-place thought to make them go KAPOW! And bombard some minute space inside me. Today, I will not push forward my death date. Today I will appreciate today for being today and not what could have been today or what it should. Today I will stop believing there was anything else possible BUT today. Today is the best day of our lives.

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