viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2009

Mere patterns.

After witnessing the beauty of patterns, I too, am left without words.

What can I say greater than what can be watched, observed with these humble eyes. I believe now, we all resonate. We all resonate, we all breathe at once. We all resonate and this is how we should stand. Resonating. The vibrancy of existence. If God exists… it is in the form of a scream. A scream heard to none. A scream that ignited the symphony that plays today. A scream, the scream of creation, the birth cry of the universe. We are mere waves. We all resonate and we forget it. We all resonate and yet we pursue to find a new beat, another drum, a change of rhythm. Music is our birth mother. Music creates and destroys us. Music is vibration, waves, resonance. We all resonate. Today, almost certain that we are all immersed in a cosmic symphony, I find myself and my thoughts so weak, so nothing, simply unworthy. Our selfishness, our desires, our human emotions. So small, so insignificant. We all resonate. That is our answer and it cannot be encountered in any book or class, any mind that dares to call itself genius. If we don’t comprehend THIS, our simplest truths… we are nothing but mere particles that vibrate without knowing the frequency of our reality.

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