miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

Clouds: an on-going tale. (2)

Continuation (from October 12th post).

At headquarters:

Anyhow, the time-card has been punched as if this person is awake doing their job, guiding clouds towards the wind. Picking out which form each unique one will become. Yet they remain there, unmoved. Maybe they just went in a really long coffee break.

Cloud runners are always unpredictable, they are said to possess the highest creativity level permitted, this makes them dangerous but exciting to predict. Cloud-runners and Fractalians are the only ones permitted, if everyone was like them, there would be chaos. Well that’s what I’ve come to believe. If this world was run like clouds, nothing would ever get done.

I always thought clouds could be controlled by a bot-program. Will anyone really notice if they are a series of repeating patterns? People have more important things to do than look at the sky, we make sure of that. It’s our job.

The construction of everyday live has been our pride and joy ever since the conglomerate converged into one. We have designed every detail with our most talented and innovative personnel. Reality has never looked better. Even I surprise myself of our low error counts. Some days pass by without one single error! Those are our holidays.
Today was not one of those days. Since the Cloud-running department seems to have instituted a coup.

The sky surrogate was up and running as soon as we noticed the mishap; I only hope the damage is minimal.

Maybe someone noticed, maybe someone had time to breathe and look up. This someone will be put on notice. If there is a someone like this someone, we’ll make sure to get them busier. But that isn't my job, the memo is circulating around already, someone will get punished for the mistake, someone will work overtime without pay. That’s how it works. Slavery was a great idea; I still cringe when I hear the emancipation proclamation. I would have been good colleagues with Aristotle. Some people are just born to be leaders and others born to be whipped.

My job today, like every Wednesday is to create the monthly layout for the stock market. Dow goes up! GE goes down! Gold will be the ¨hot buy¨ for the first week of May. Simultaneously we are creating an underground cavern complex near Washington state, filled with the precious metal. A lucky archeologist will find it; he will die in a freak accident in a dig in Oaxaca in 2 years, 3 months and 17 days at exactly 9:57 a.m. eastern time. He will have no heirs. A monument will be created in his name at the base of the gold mine. Nobody will care or remember. The Boston Red Sox will win the world series that day and 298 fights will happen between New York and Boston fans during 11:07 p.m. to 5:46 a.m. Most of them will occur on Manhattan.

This is how we make our special associates rich. We raise gold, we create gold for them, play along in the game. They subsidy our ventures. My business is perfection. It’s every detail, constant control, every second is planned ahead. Always plan ahead, that’s the company’s motto.

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