sábado, 10 de abril de 2010

Don't waste your time doing things you hate.

As if time was manageable, don't lie and say you'll do it later. Later is never real... but now you're sacrificing time towards a failure. Every minute spent hating every minute is a minute that will never re-appear in a lifetime's time. As if time was a given. Yell at time to move forward, as if something out of yourself controls it, like you've forgotten how you created your-self, same as God forgot how he created his self. Cringe at the thought of letting a moment go thinking thoughtless ideas, swallowing the magma that flows and burns and creates fertile sediment for new-ness. When was the first time something was new? Wasn't the creation of the word itself the first idea created by the sapiens? Walking erectile, swinging testicles from side to side, discovering rocks as projectiles that battle the night sky and crack the arid earth. I've come to conclusion that the missing link isn't buried underneath us, it's not a thing but an idea. The idea that is man itself is that link that separates that which wishes to be and that which has always been in need.

Pursue only that which is wanted. Don't create needs and manufacture desire. Attain nothing that isn't real, accept nothing but truth. As if the lie that is a truth didn't blow the fuse of a paradox. A paradox is a type of bird that lives out of the eyes of the un-creative and the un-amazed.

The world is the best place you'll ever know in your life.

It's the only place that will ever accept our existence.

It's the only place that will ever rescue you from the universe.

And yet, it's the saddest place I've ever known.

Imagination will never be as grandiose as reality.

This is the perfect moment to be alive, because it's a moment you can live out.

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