lunes, 3 de enero de 2011

Possibilities and the possible lights.

I haven't written in a while... feels like a learned gesture, not free, perhaps unreal. Unknowable, the way we connect symbols into meanings. I haven't flirted with pronunciations, enhance our enunciations, extract syllables with my gestures, I may be hard to come by. I've misplaced my audacity to take such risks and comprehend the metaphoric existence of the letters that let us be. Part of me doesn't really want to know, to understand, your specificity.

How out of all the possibilities, you had to drop into mine.

Eternal, infinite, expanding possibilities each with it's exact uniqueness, all the same, all observed from all the view points in existence. You and me, and them all and each inside a specific factor, an individual part of the equation. How it came to this,





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