sábado, 11 de junio de 2011

The Alien Morality

A green fireball flashes in the night sky directly in front of my horizon. Driving around the city with my partner in crime and a gram of Northern Lights, come to think of it,the irony of seeing lights in the sky matches very well with this delicious strain. But this is not a weed story, then again a weed story could be anything or any moment, considering our habits.

My heart is pounding and my eyes are watery. The curiosity to know where it fell, excites me. Minutes pass by and I recompose from the experience, UFOs hit you hard.

“So... you think aliens are good or bad?”

...Good question, now that I think about it, I have never really thought about an answer to that question. It is easy to play along with the childhood stereotype of a typical big eyed, grey and lean space being, that watches you, preys on you. Wants to inflict danger, wants to drain the blood out of your dog's body and leave it on the porch. Wants to probe you. But... who says?

The Alien Morality

Alien beings, capable of traveling from their place of origin to Earth and back, being that place unknown but very much inclined to be out of this solar system, have obviously accomplished some type of technology superior to ours. Space travel, possibly at the speed of light, is a sign of an extremely advanced civilization in the disciplines of technology, science and most probably philosophy.
This type of knowledge represents a high level of intelligence.

¿Why has the human civilization not been able to achieve this level of wisdom?

It's morality. Aliens are probably above our paradigm of morality, good and bad, are not options to their mode of existence. Alien morality is not binary, is not religious, it is not based on their imaginary relationships with reality (their ideology), “morality” itself is probably a concept of their past. Consider alien morality to be as influential to them as Greek mythology is to us in the present moment.

Perhaps the key to achieving a higher level of intelligence resides in exorcising morality from the human condition. Sounds machiavellian, but the constraints posed by judging our actions as good or bad, restrain humans from evolving. Perhaps our morality, is a passing phase, towards the evolution of humankind, leaving the good and the bad to be words of the past. Morality could become a recessive gene.

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  1. interesting piece' very agreeable on the facts that indee they do posses far more advanced technology and knowledge to focus on superior thibgs unlike here on earth were we are still plagued by many miscelaneous antics and politics that we solemn have the time to wonder and analyze and speculate on higher subjects and topics . Yet there are still a ton of physical evidence of alien" interaction with the government as deep as a mid texan bbq gang bang, there is to much evidence and information as well as docs and recordings of special clearance... Lets just say the rabitt hole does go that far... And thar truth is stranger than fiction...
    Still nonetheless a great idea of how a species or certain group perhaps the ones you saw there and how they came to posses such knowledge .. It definetly holds a key to finding out the logic of their motives and their reason ...

    -The Macintosh