lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011


And then the moon shined down on the rest of the world,
and everyone decided to sleep. 
And they slept and dreamed about sleeping.
And they dreamed about working, 
and of their everyday affairs.

And once awakened, they thought about dreaming, while working, or while doing 
their everyday affairs.
And once, they even decided to share their dreams with each other.
And they shared about their daily labor
and of the constant routine.
And a bit timid and ashamed, they swore to never ever speak again.

For they were each other´s dreamkeepers
and their secrets were not to be said. ever
To everyone else that dreamed of other something elses,
and never about their jobs and their everyday affairs. 

They never spoke about that awful day.
They swore to keep them safe and unsaid.
They hid their dreams from the rest of the world.

And the world left them out of it´s shell.
They  rode in and out of existence, as if it was a galactic horse corral.
Unacknowledged of their disappearance, the world kept dreaming. 

And the moon shined down on the world,
And everyone decided to sleep.

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