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The French Revolution (Breakfast edition)

As seen here... the French way ahead of Americans(specially in booby freedom)... they believe in the equality of men and women to show their breast when they please. Burn the Bras! Shirtless equality!

As proud as I am of the fact that I’m keeping this blog project updated, I haven’t done as much food-talk as I should/want. The opportunity to post some nice recipes came forward today from a conversation in today’s class break… yeah you know, we have 3 hour long classes… (Run away if you’re planning to do a Master’s Degree) at about 8 P.M. all we can think and talk about is to feed our hungry stomachs.

Spending a week in the woods cooking vegetarian/vegan awesomely delicious food, dilemmas aroused about creating different vegan alternatives to already restrictive vegetarian menus. But oh, don’t fear, we came up with some stuff that will blow your taste buds away into black holes of culinary existence and taste oh yes, vegan nirvana.

It is bliss… in the form of a French toast and tofu scramble.

Ovary-free scramble

What you’ll need:

Peppers (Every color is accepted! Hooray for diversity!)



Garlic (if you must)

Mushrooms (The non-magical kind. Booo!)

Any veggie you desire, FREEDOM! IT'S VEGGIE FREEDOM!

Firm Tofu

Vegan butter or olive oil

Some cooking device, preferably a pan.

Seasoning or Adobo ( Adobo, you must!)

What to do:

1. Chop all the veggies until they are remotely similar in size.

2. Add butter or oil to the pan in high heat.

3. Add the veggies and sauté until soft/tender.

4. Break down tofu in little pieces with your fingers. (FUN!)

5. Mix veggies and tofu until equally distributed ( Egalitarianism people! Liberté, fraternité, égalité!)

6. Season till palate satisfaction.

The scramble should look and taste good enough to trick anyone into thinking its real eggs, but without the whole exploiting chickens for their unborn children part. It’s called having your scramble and eating it too! The pursuit of happiness of vegans and non-vegans alike.

Now… how must we accompany this delicious Republican ( in the FRENCH REVOLUTION SENSE) egalitarian, democratic, for the people, creation?

Guillotine-worthy Toast! (french toast, duh!)

Now, here we affront a problem… a vegan French toast implies it will have no eggs. How is that possible you say? Oh the dilemma! The people want their sweet toast! They have a guillotine…

Substitution! Yup… it’s a pretty awesome thing. And this experiment came out MARVELOUSLY GREAT. It was better than I expected. The taste of the bourgeoisie. Yum, Yum, exploitation!

What you’ll need:

Vegan bread

Vanilla extract




Soy Milk (regular or vanilla, or chocolate if you want to be adventorous, any type of milk will do, except, obviously, any animal by-product)


Maple syrup


The same pan you made the scramble in (clean it first,please!)

What you have to do:

1. Add bananas and soy milk in the blender until pudding-like consistency

2. Add vanilla extract, cinnamon and sugar to taste

3. Spread the mixture in some sliced bread. ( Go heavy on it and both sides!)

4. Add butter to pan and wait till is sizzling.

5. Fry the bread in the pan until golden-brown. ( Don’t leave and forget, they burn easily. FIRE!)

6. Add syrup to finish perfection.

This breakfast will have you speaking French in no time and believing again, in the dream of what once was democracy. (Yeah, right.)

The French kinda did it right… for a while. (NAPOLEON…oops.)

Enjoy this totally-random-found-in-youtube video:

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