jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

The toy's God used to play with

If the universe was created by some type of God… I hereby swear that is was drawn up using Spirographs ®. You remember those little toys? They were sometimes found in the drugstore, wrapped in polyethylene and cardboard. $2.00 and you can draw up the fabric that is space-time. I swear it’s true! Have you ever dismantled a piece of matter? I’m not talking particle colliders, I’m talking real deconstruction of the “here”. Of what you are made of… inside ourselves, in the most intrinsic space know to mankind… strings have managed to create unique snowflakes and spirals that are endless and math without numbers, trees that are made up by tiny whimsical geometric acquaintances.

And, Oh! Do not dare forget the clouds. There isn’t one that is like the other. And it’s only air… beautiful gas that has managed to portray everything that is and was, perfection.Have you ever witnessed what lies behind each puzzle piece? There are ways to catch a glimpse. Only in certain occasions, only when the light from one specific sunbeam has decided to unclothe reality, only when I’ve been able to blink twice in the moment where one is supposed to only be capable to blink once. Blinking at the speed of light.

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  1. To ascribe a supernatural or even preternatural origin would be a disservice to the veiled complexities of nature, past the atom, past the point particle, past the bosons, mesons, fermions, quarks, and leptons existence is a haze that fluctuates between existence and nonexistence. The lines blur to such a degree that the two states are considered inseparable and that is where the true mathematics lie, the underlying nature of nature itself not only present in our limited universal experience, but it spans throughout multiple branes and even physical dimensions. It all comes crashing down around you with the collapse of a function, random but beautiful, nature is a self-sustaining process~.