miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

The April 20th Pioneers present: A Poem.

I’ve got some green in my pocket

It smells of mischief and toil

I’ll hide my eyes if I taste it

I’ll make sure not to boil

My pocket hides little secrets

It glides away and revolves

Plays with shades and ideas

Swallows mountains and sloth

The circus comes at the distance

Drummers drum the drumming song

And while the Pik-a-Doo whistles

It flies and sings them “hello!”

I’ve got some green in my pocket

It twinkles, desires to be born

It plucks the hairs of its nostril

And calls for thunder and storm

I’ve seen the no-eyed hailing monsters

They wait for sailors to crash

And float their boats on the ocean

Sucking their innards till dry

This people don’t hear the stories

They believe the messengers lie

As green goblins sneak under toasters

And spoon-thieves Lindons give little cries

I’ve got some green in my pocket

And carnivals ride on wind waves

They came from the looking mirror

And now have upside-down heads

They say they’d stay if they let them

They want to feed us jellies and jams

From the one made with cucumber

To the ones made with salty hands.

The sirs put on hats that are ruthless

The ladies sing high octane tunes

The horses talk amongst horses

They think we can’t hear them, fools

I’ve got some green in my pocket

It calls for fire to scourge

I told it not to be nasty

And wait for minutes to burn

And travel far, off the distance

Into somebody else’s throne

It wants to visit magicians

And find the fiddler’s new bow

And wrestle with Swingle-Dwingles

Because their scaly and strong

It wants to walk on the lay-lows

And take the long way back home

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